Meet the New CRJ-900

Mark Fetters - The Avion Newspaper
Mark Fetters / Staff Reporter

On Wednesday Oct. 8,  Air Line Pilots Association Aviation Collegiate Education Club (ALPA ACE), hosted a brand new PSA CRJ-900 for all students and staff to visit. It was displayed on the flight line where students were able to walk around and inside the plane.

The First Officer is a graduate and former Embry-Riddle Flight Instructor, Costas Sivyllis. Costas mentioned, “Being able to fly our newest airplane to Daytona, and park it on the riddle ramp was very sentimental. From this ramp,  I always watched these jets lumber by. The ramp I learned on, ramp I then taught on for over 2 years, now I was able to park the jet I work on. That was a real experience. The whole day- ferrying it in and out empty, sharing my passion with student’s there- made for an unforgettable day.”

One of the major concerns for the flight department was making sure it the CRJ would fit on the ramp between the parked diamonds and the airport fence but with plenty of room to spare the CRJ was parked and brought out a large crowd to see what kind of plane some of us students may get to fly  in the future.

Mark Fetters - The Avion Newspaper

Mark Fetters – The Avion Newspaper